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Dr. Sara Morrow, PhD is a Licensed Psychologist and Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional specializing in child and family optimal mental health and  whole-person wellness. Dr. Morrow strives to guide others toward understanding the "pieces of the puzzle" to obtaining deep healing and reducing suffering, becoming increasingly resilient over time. In her writing, educational videos and speaking events, Dr. Morrow simplifies complex science into understandable terms and explains strategies for working with the body, breath and mind that she hopes will empower people to see a path towards wellness and take control of their healing journeys. Dr. Morrow's work combines the latest science from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, epigenetics, functional medicine, optimal nutrition, eastern yoga philosophy and therapeutic body movement practices. Dr. Morrow emphatically believes that mental health is within reach for nearly everyone if we are able to address suffering at the root cause, build the necessary knowledge and skills, and become empowered in our individual journeys toward optimal health. To feel well and function at our best, we must balance the whole being - mind, body, breath, energy systems, essential nutrients, sleep, movement, awareness, connection, spirit....the root causes of happiness.

Dr. Morrows YouTube channel is now available for free optimal mental health education! Root Cause of Happiness on YouTube

NOTICE: Dr. Morrow has permanently closed her private practice to new therapy referrals as she transitions into the next chapter of her career as an author and educator. Dr. Morrow thanks her local community for the many years of pediatric mental health referrals. It has been a rewarding and deeply meaningful experience to be a direct service healthcare provider to countless families. Dr. Morrow will continue offering brief consultation services to her current and past clients. All new referrals, please see Resources tab for recommendations for local therapy services and helpful literature.