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Dr. Sara Morrow is a Licensed Psychologist in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho who specializes in child, teen, and family mental health services. In her private practice, Dr. Morrow provides psychotherapy to youth and their families for treatment of a wide variety of issues. Each client goes through an in-depth initial assessment to determine what difficulties need to be addressed in therapy. Dr. Morrow discusses her clinical impressions during the initial first appointment and explains her treatment approach. Dr. Morrow customizes her approach to treatment to meet the individual needs of each client.
Dr. Morrow works with youth ages 3 up to approximately 20. She does not provide services to adults as individual clients, but does provide consultation services to parents to help them learn to better manage and support their children.
Parents are asked to be actively involved in their child’s care and to participate at most appointments. Dr. Morrow believes that parent involvement is essential in achieving the best treatment results for children and adolescents.