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Dr. Morrow’s usual and customary fee is $120.00 per 50-minute session. Payment is due at the time services are rendered. Credit cards may be used to pay for services if this is more convenient for clients.

Dr. Morrow does not contract with insurance companies, primarily due to her concerns regarding the effects on confidentiality of billing insurance. It is important for clients to know that when insurance is billed, every client must be given a mental health diagnosis. These diagnoses go on file in large medical databases that are kept on record indefinitely. Once your private information is submitted to an insurance company, Dr. Morrow has no control over who has access to that information.

In order to fully protect clients’ confidentiality, Dr. Morrow encourages her clients to pay out-of-pocket for their psychotherapy. However, if you wish to seek reimbursement for “out-of-network” benefits, Dr. Morrow will be happy to provide you with a billing statement each month that you may submit to your insurance company (and/or for tax purposes).

Statement Regarding Why Dr. Morrow Does Not Take Insurance

Reduced-Fee Option and Therapy Scholarships
Dr. Morrow offers some flexibility in her rates and occasionally accepts clients on a “therapy scholarship”. When prospective clients have financial limitations that prohibit them being able to afford services, Dr. Morrow will discuss the option for reduced-fee services. If a client needs a significantly lower fee, they and Dr. Morrow will draft a contract for a limited number of sessions provided at the reduced rate. Please feel free to discuss financial concerns with Dr. Morrow during your initial phone inquiry.